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Cocovana Founder Sheldon Barrett Awarded the 2016 Dreamer & Doer Award

April 22, 2016 1 min read

2016 Dreamer and Doer Award James Spoo Cocovana Coconut Twist Sheldon Barrett

The University of Florida Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center has awarded Cocovana Founder, Sheldon Barrett the 2016 Dreamer & Doer Award. Each year, participants in UF’s annual Big Idea Competition, in addition to competing for monetary prizes, are considered for 2 additional recognitions on offer: the “Entrepreneurial Spirt Award” and the “Dreamer & Doer Award.” The Dreamer and Doer honoree will have demonstrated significant resilience during customer discovery and marketplace testing, and will often have developed multiple prototypes and minimum viable products through their entrepreneurial journey.

Cocovana is honored to have received such a inspirational award and thanks the University of Florida Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center for their recognition and support of so many student entrepreneurs!



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