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Coconut Twist Launches On!

November 19, 2021 1 min read

Cocovana Coconut Twist Tool Cutter Launches On Lowe's Lowes

Coconut Twist finally launches here on & making this the first fresh coconut tool to be offered by a major US retailer!
Check us out on here:
Cocovana has partnered with Lowe’s by being one of the few companies selected in their Making It … With Lowe’s Contest. Lowe’s has been fantastic and we are finally receiving retail experience. We are beyond excited for this amazing opportunity!
Cocovana Coconut Twist Opener Tool Cutter Available on Lowes Lowe's Home Improvement Coconut Water Kitchenware Kitchen Gadget
Founder Sheldon Barrett picking up the first ship to Lowe's store test order in Florida!
Cocovana Coconut Twist Opener Tool Cutter Lowes Lowe's Home Improvement Store Pickup Test Order Sheldon Barrett

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